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1 In which currency will MIKELO charge me?
We will charge you in Euro. For invoices requesting a currency exchange we offer to accept your payment using paypal service
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2 Which devision of you will charge me?
Usually the Location of our Company which has worked for you will also finally send you our final invoice.
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1 What kind of Consulting Activities does MIKELO offer to me?

Based on our solid knowledge we are able to offer you a wide range of possible Consulting Activities.
Starting with individual trainings, over design and implementation questions to finally active support for your running application are possible.

Feel free to contact us to us being able to discuss you individual needs directly with you.


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1 How can I contact MIKELO?
You can contact us be using the provided contact formular on one of our pages, or by sending an email to one of our offered contact email adresses.

Contact Addresses:


We will come back to you within the next 24 hours.
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2 Which language can I use to contact you?
Feel free to write us either in English or German and we will answer you by using the same language.
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1 Does MIKELO offer Webhosting Services?

No, MIKELO does not offer Webhosting Services.

Once your application is developed on one of our servers, delivering the final application to a webhosting provider of your choice is included within our service.

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1 What kind of Ongoing Services does MIKELO offer?

Our concern is to support your application within it's whole lifecycle.
Starting with it's coding, the later go live of it to finally it's later maintenance.

Feel free to contact us with any question and we will be proud to assist you with out our knowledge, which is based on nearly two decades working within heterogenous environments.

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1 Can I meet you in person?
For sure we can also visit you for an individual first contact to discuss your plans and needs with you.
Feel free to request a visit by using our Contact Form.
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2 Can MIKELO assist me in Database questions?
MIKELO is looking back onto several years on active Database Programming, Maintenance and Tuning and is able to assist you at any Database question.
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3 Can MIKELO assist me transfering my website?

Yes, for sure we assist you. Because of being familiar with either Unix and Windows based hosting we have done several times before.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs at this point.

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4 Do I have to pay for an estimate?
All kind of estimates are included within our Pre-Sales activities for which you have not to pay.
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5 Does MIKELO also support active pages?
We are able to support you within all kind of active scripting like PHP, PERL and Java.
We can deliver you ready to use and preconfigured CMS Systems and also will do all necessary database handling for you.
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6 For what kind of Webhosting MIKELO can work for?
We can work and develop applications for either Linux or Windows hosting.
We can either assist you in deciding which kind of hosting will fit to the needs of you individual application best.
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7 How much an application developed by you is going to cost me?

We feel sorry about not being able to give you a direct answer to this question.
All kind of web applications are individual developments and have to be paid by their individual development effort.

Feel free to request a charge free estimate for your planned application based on your individual requests and needs.

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8 In which countries do you operate?

By being focus on Websites and services around them the geographical location of our customers are not important. Wherever you will live we are able to assist you.

For international payments we offer to accept receiving payments via Paypal.

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9 Where do I find pages of you in German language?

Feel free to visit our German Pages here at MIKELO.de.

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1 Does MIKELO ensure Web Standards and Accessibility issues?

Web Standards and Accessibility are one of our highest concerns.
Please check our Company Pages to read about our official statement.

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